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White-legged Damselfly – immature female

A pleasantly warm, calm, yet overcast day was ideal for doing a first scout of Ober Water this season – about a month later than usual. I didn’t hope for much, but did have three species in mind; of which the White-legged Damselfly was one.

The Ober Water is the only place in the New Forest where they can be found, and then only over a relatively short stretch sharing habitat with Beautiful, as opposed to Banded, Demoiselles. There weren’t any over the water, which wasn’t surprising, so I walked further than usual to a spot I’ve seen them roosting in the past.

None there either!

It was back over the A35 and up the hill where I eventually found them; about 200-300 metres from the stream sheltering and feeding in the heather and fern. Then a few more further downstream than usual.

This is my pick from today.

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